House Rules

We really want guests to relax and treat the Cottage as their 'home from home'; but we do have some 'House Rules'....

Dogs: We welcome dogs that are 'house trained', stay off the furniture/beds, have relevant vaccinations and are free of ticks/fleas. If you go out, please take your dogs with you, and ensure they stay in the kitchen overnight or if they are wet/muddy (if you’d prefer to have your dog(s) in the bedroom overnight, that’s fine with us so long as they stay off the bed(s). .

It's not a party house! Please relax and enjoy, but it's not a party house; we have neighbours closeby, who get up early for work, so please keep noise to a minimum. Fireworks aren't permitted in the area.

Smoking and safety: Sorry, smoking is not permitted inside the Cottage; keep the place secure and follow any guidelines provided e.g. re the sauna, fires, decking and garden.

Hot Tub: The Hot Tub is there for you to enjoy, but we do ask guests to undertake some simple checks on arrival and each day; guests over the age of 15 are free to use it assuming they are not wearing fake Tan, body creams/oils (which can contaminate the Tub & result in infection), and that they have consulted a doctor if they are pregnant or have a medical condition/using medication (see more re Hot Tub/Sauna availability and use in Terms below).

Toilets & Waste: Our waste system feeds to a septic tank, therefore, only tissue may be flushed (not other products), and guests should clear unwanted food, especially fat, into the bin before washing up.

Our Promise & Terms

This is the formal stuff e.g. what happens if you want to cancel your booking; please contact us for clarification or if things aren't clear. If you book via an 'agency' such as Airbnb, they'll have their own terms regarding payments and deposits.

1. Our Promise: We promise to do all we can to make guests feel they have arrived in a 'home from home', a place to relax and enjoy, with all the amenities they need and a few luxuries and extra touches; a place that lives up to it's reputation. In the unlikely event that a key facility or feature e.g. the Hot Tub, requires repair or maintenance, we'll do all we can to ensure this does not disrupt the experience of our guests, but we can not guarantee to do so (see our terms below).

2. Prices, Security Deposit, Final Payment, Cancellation by you: The price charged is fully inclusive of use of the hot tub, sauna, bed linen, bath/hand towels + tea towels, electricity, fuel for heating + logs for the fire, washing up liquid & washing powder. A refundable security deposit of £100 or £150 is required upon booking; the final/full payment is then due 15 days before arrival; payments can be made by BACs or cheque. If bookings are cancelled up to 60 days before arrival, we may withhold the security deposit; if bookings are cancelled by guests after the rental has been paid, we may withhold the full payment but will repay the deposit. After departure, we will refund the security deposit assuming there is no damage or misuse of facilities and that the 'Departure Checklist'* has been followed.

* Regarding Damage/Departure Checklist: We will waive the cost of minor damage such as a broken glass but more significant damage or fixing of faults caused by misuse, including failure to adhere to our 'House Rules' (see above), will result in the security deposit being withheld; the 'Departure Checklist' is of minor chores we ask guests to undertake before the leave e.g. stripping of beds, cleaning out the log fire and replacing keys.

3. Cancellations by us: We reserve the right to cancel bookings in exceptional circumstances and at short notice e.g. in severe adverse weather conditions where there is a risk the electrictity supply may be affected, or where a key facility in the cottage has failed and requres urgent attention. In the event of a facility failing e.g. the Hot Tub, we may offer to guests that they continue with the booking, without access to the Tub. However, if we do cancel a booking, we will offer a full refund or the opportunity choose alternative dates.

4. Occupancy & Responsibility: We can accommodate up to six people at The Reddings; we shall require the names, age range & gender of all guests; only those people on the booking form, agreed by us, may sta at The Reddings. One person within your party will be the lead guest; as such, will be responsible for ensuring all guests are alerted and agree to our House Rules, Terms and Conditions; and the instructions and guidelines e.g. relating to security of the property, hot tub, sauna and use of fires.

5. Condition & proper use of the Cottage/facilities including the Hot Tub & Sauna: The Property & facilities are provided in "as is" condition. We will use our best efforts to ensure all amenities in the property are ready to use when guests arrive (NB we normally change the water in the Hot Tub on the day guests arrive; this may result in the Tub not being ready to use until the evening that guests arrive). If facilities/features fail or require repair/maintenance before guests arrive or whilst guests are staying, we will do all we can to put things right, but can not gaurantee to do so (see Cancellations above). Guests book with us on the basis that they agree to adhere to our House Rules, Terms and Guidelines provided; failure to do so may result in loss of all or part of the security deposit. Guests acknowledge that some amenities e.g. the Hot Tub, Sauna, Fires and Decking may be potentially dangerous and involve potential risks if improperly used, particularly with regard to children, and such use is at the Guest's own risk.

6. Garden Access and Safety: We have a 'rustic' garden which is uneven and steep in places, but there are good paths throughout; which we ask guests to keep to. It is surrounded on three sides by woodland and a road on the 4th side. It is fenced but determined dogs or children may find gaps, so we recommend you keep an eye on them! There are risks associated with using the Hot Tub, Sauna, Log Fire and Chiminea

7. Insurance & Risk of loss: The risk of loss, theft, or damage to the personal property of guests whilst staying at The Reddings is their responsibility; we shall not be responsible. We strongly suggest you arrange for all members of your party to have suitable insurance for your possessions, travel and medical requirements.

8. Checkin & Checkout: Our normal Checkin time is after 4pm, and Checkout by 11am.

9. Parking: There is off road space for 3 vehicles on the drive outside the Cottage; please don't park vehicles inside the main gate. We do not take responsibility for loss or damage caused to vehicles.

10. Liability: We have public liability insurance, but we ask guests to be alert to the fact that part of the Cottage was originally built in the 1850's, as such, it has some uneven floors, steps and low ceilings; it has a 'rustic' garden, with some steep inclines (there are good paths throughout) and, because it is laid out on 5 levels, there are steps or stairs. Therefore, the property is not suitable for people with restricted mobility and young children should be supervised in the garden or near open fires. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the hot tub or sauna, children aged 14-16 may use the sauna & tub if supervised by an adult.

11. Neighbours: The Reddings is our home away from home too, we have established good relationships with our neighbours, people in the wider community and traders are friendly and welcoming. Please help us to retain those good relationships by acting in a respectful and friendly manner.

12. Entry/Inspection: We reserve the right to visit, enter and inspect the property/grounds at any time, having given reasonable notice if appropriate, for the purposes of maintenance and security.

13. Amendments of these House Rules/Terms: The House Rules and Terms above may be subject to amendment at any time and without notice, though we will always comply with legislative and regulatory requirements e.g. relating to consumer rights.